Turning Pinterest Traffic into Residual Cashflow

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turning Pinterest Traffic into Residual Cashflow Webinar Text #3

Content Pinstrategy

Welcome to the third of five videos within the Pinterest Dividends Series
titled Content PinstrategyWhether you are brand new to pinterest or are already pinning and generating traffic to your business ,
video three, titled, “Content PinStrategy,”
will inform you on how to pin effective content
that will captivate viewers and generate leads
for your business, instantly!

If you have recently joined the webinar… e-mail pinguru83@gmail.com so you can watch the 1st of the series… this video tells my story and illustrates the reason for this series!! So e-mail pinguru83@gmail.com!

With this… and--All subsequent videos, you will
want to mark your calendars for the next four Fridays from 4-5pm MST!
Trust me, this will be one of the BEST spent hours for your business…
and as you may recall on the advertisement for this webinar series…

This is a special sneak peak of how to market with Pinterest …. After
these live videos have run their course… this series will come at a
monetary price! More on that later… Now… close any other programs running…
You will need to and want to devote all your time… attention… and energy to this video

If you are following the step by step process and monitoring your week to week success…
In order to have both the presentation and your pinterest profile open simultaneously you will want to…

I hope all viewers are taking this actionable investment… I hope all will update me
With their progress at guruexpert.blogspot.com
(4 second pause)

-The focus of each of these 5 videos is
Turning Pinterest Traffic into Residual Cashflow for your business!
I am confident the principles shared today and throughout this series
will empower any practioner of the principles taught to witnesss
this become a reality!!!

4-Before we move into the details this video… Please write down
any questions you have now and later in the presentation…

I’m certain many of your questions and curiosities will be answered during the video. During this presentation, there will be opportunities
To ask these questions as they pertain to our current topic of conversation…

Now, let’s walk through the 3 Expectations of this video….

1) What Type of Content
2) How to Create Effective PinContent
3) When to Pin Content

My #1 Objective of this video is to empower viewers to effectively develop
content that will captivate your market and stimulate their interest in the content behind the picture.

(4 second pause)
To recap the power of Pinterest…
As you now know…Pinterest has the attention of millions of businesses.
You being one of them….
This may be because, according to a recent referral traffic report published by Shareaholic,
In 2011… Pinterest drove more traffic than LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, and Youtube…combined.

This young online marketing platform is in its infancy …. I know the power behind this platform because I receive over 15,000 pageviews blogging each month…  Imagine the power of Pinterest for your business….

1) What Type of Content matters… Now displayed on the screen are analytics from a single piece of content pinned by Colby Almond, an online marketer, on March 6, 2012. If you look closely… you will find that in just six days…Colby received 113,908 pageviews [107K unique] with an audience that spent, on average, almost three minutes on his website!!! Incredible isn’t it?!!!

The Best part about Pinterest content is that once content hits its peak the traffic doesn’t stop there… with the tremendous increase in unique visitors and the ability Pinterest users have to “re-pin” and share pins… content will continue to generate daily traffic for about 4 weeks and more…

Now… what type of content has the ability to go viral on Pinterest? Well… frist… it’s importatnt to remember the audience you are targeting your content to…as mentioned in our previous video Offerboard Profile Page… Colby says understanding the Pinterest community is a critical component in knowing what type of content to pin…He said, “When I started researching how to better understand the Pinterest community and its users I was met with some criticism. Being told “I’m revoking your man-card” or “you’re wasting your time” were the most frequent.

…However, as I soon began seeing results my peers began to ask me if I was casting some type of voodoo magic over the Pinterest users. I have played D&D before and I do have a set of dice, however, I am no magic user when it comes to Pinterest. It’s about knowing what the community wants.”

Additionally… while throwing a picture of cute animals or Ryan Renolds with his shirt off will most likely get you thousands of repins… you will not receive many pageviews to your website as a result… here’s why….
Pinterest users are looking for something creative for their vision boards… something they can re-pin and share with others.

Oh… and one more thing—By now you may have noticed that Pinterest contains thousands of infographics… (pause 3 seconds) … this is one of those things where … just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should! …In order to have your content go viral on Pinterest… you need two things…. Followers… or … for your picture to be seen on the popular category pages….at a specific time of the day…. More on this later….

But first….
Let’s look at some examples of effective content within the fitness industry and travel industry.

To find the most popular pins for any market, simply type your subject within the search box.

Also… see if you can identify a few common themes with the pictures we look at together!

Keyword: exercise…
1-Many of the pins illustrate the result of
Having a specific product or service! #fitness (eat right, exercise, sleep enough)
2-Also… several of the most popular pins illustrate a process… (fitness)
3-Third… you will find the most successful pins are what are Colby Almond calls “instructographics”

Because Fitness is an act of taking a current physical condition and using a process to mold and shape a body into more refined physical condition… these three types of pins will be most effective. If your business has a similar service as the fitness industry… stimulating some sort of change with some sort of process, then consider ways you too can 1) use pictures that illustrate the end in mind, 2) use pictures that illustrate a process, and 3) use pictures that are instructographics…. What are instructographics? …they are a vertical image of ideas or steps that guide a viewer to a specific result! (Lego Wall)

When a person clicks on an instructographic they will then be directed to the website where the process is laid out in great detail. For example…my blog has the details of the process of how to create a healthy granola bar… each of these images can also be pinned… however… if you pinned any of these images independent of pinning the instructographic you’ve created… based on what you now know…which pictures do you think would be most effective to pin?

1) I would pin a picture that shows the end in mind
2) you may pin a picture that shows the process… this could stimulate the curiosity of a user to see what the end product will look like—be certain the picture contains enough of the process that your market has a pretty-good-idea of what the final deliverable will be. If you only posted the picture of the honey… ya…
3) or 3rd… if you have the instructographic on the website … you will have that content to pin as you see-fit!


Keyword: vacation

Coming back to the travel industry… what do you notice…. You may have noticed that most of the pictures have the end-in-mind…in my opinion… this will be the majority of the images you would pin within this industry… Additionally.. you mahy have noticed that there are several of the same pictures pinned within this page… this is a good thing… this means that others who have pinned the image to their vision board are also receiving re-pinns from their followers…

Let’s now talk about the 3 steps to consider when creating Effective PinContent: After identifying patterns within your market segment—
1) Create an Idea
2) Design the PinContent
3) Upload Content to Pinterest or Client Site
àif you upload directly to pinterst you can add a url after it is uploaded. I will show you what I mean in just a minute!
4) Size Matters! Since Colby Almond is expert in content creation, let’s read from his article, “What’s the difference between 40 visitors to your site from an instructographic and 40,000? The size of your content. As long as your content is longer than 2,500 pixels it will be unreadable by the Pinterest users. Anything smaller and Pinterest will magnify the image so that it's readable on the site (meaning there's no reason to click through to your page). This forces them to click on your submission, through to your page to view the content. If it’s something that’s worth reading and creative, this is a necessity. If it’s longer than 5,000 pixels, then create a simple 300x300 pixel button outlining your graphic. The reason for this is because the “like” and “repin” buttons are at the top of the submission. If they have to scroll too far town to view the entire piece, chances are they aren’t going to scroll up to click on those buttons. For me the ideal image is 600x3000 pixels.”

Simple enough? Questions?

Now… if you wanted to create something like photoshop, without taking classes in order to understand photo editing… you may consider using Microsoft excel… this is something John Parkes taught me a couple months ago and it has given me a huge confidence boost—as I’m sure it will you… (excel example: baby at the beach)

Now simply follow the upload process…

3) When to Pin Content
Okay… now that you know how to develop your Pincontent… It is important to know when to Pin you content to ensure your content is displayed within your target market---before the world! I have found the best time to pin is between 4AM (MST) or 6AM (EST) and 4PM (MST) or 6 PM (EST). This is all I can tell you for now… more in our next video… and don’t worry…

You will be rewarded for your efforts when we
arrive at video four… Here you will discover
Leveraging PinPower to Go-Viral!” 
To sum-up what this means—you may have
used or heard others use the word “VIRAL…?”
 Well… friends… what excites me and so many
others is how much even just one effective Pin,
if pinned at the right time, with the right content,
can go from one impression to thousands in just
minutes…  that’s all I will say… I’ve probably said too much!

This will be the case with many of the subsequent videos, so you will want to mark your calendars for the next four Fridays from 4-5pm MST! Trust me, this will be one of the BEST spent hours for your business… and as you may recall on the advertisement for this webinar series… This is a special sneak peak of how to market with Pinterest …. After these live videos have run their course… this series will come at a monetary price!
That’s it for our presentation… I’m Lance King. Looking forward to connecting with you next Friday at 4pm Mountain Standard Time.

Thanks. I hope this has been a value for you…many questions should have been answered… if not.. they will be in our next presentation. From now until then begin exploring Pinterest by setting up your profile page… If you need an invitation to become a user e-mail pinguru83@gmail.com. I especially hope you now have a greater vision of how pinterest can generate leads for your business!!! Happy Pinning!

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