Turning Pinterest Traffic into Residual Cashflow

Friday, August 31, 2012

Turning Pinterest Traffic into Residual Cashflow Webinar Text #1

Pinterest Dividends: Webinar #1

1-My name is Lance King and I want to welcome you to
today’s video presentation developed through prezi.com.  
I am going to take you through a 5 Video Series teaching
you how to market with Pinterest…

As many of you have heard --- there is a HUGE BUZZ
in the internet marketing industry—Today you will
find out Why everyday –I’m Pinteresting!

2-You are currently watching the first of 5 videos…
titled Pinterest Dividends

3-The focus of each of these 5 videos is
Turning Pinterest Traffic into Residual Cashflow for your business!
I am confident the principles shared today and throughout
this series will empower any practioner of the principles taught
to witnesss this become a reality

4-Before we move into the details this video…
Please write down any questions you have now
and later in the presentation… I’m certain many of your
questions and curiosities will be answered during the video.
At the end of this presentation, if your questions aren’t  
answered we go from that point….

Now, let’s walk through the 5 videos in this series….
·         Highlighted in Green is the current presentation…
Where we will cover three points introducing this
Amazing Online marketing TOOL!
·         The 2nd Video is called Offerboard Profile Page
because we will be talking about how to create
your pinterest profile to reflect your business offers—
This video will be absolutely critical in perpetuating
your pinterest traffic forward because you will be
able to peak over my shoulder as I walk you through
the process of how to create your Pinterest Brand~! 
This will be the case with many of the subsequent videos,
so you will want to mark your calendars for the next
four Fridays from 4-5pm EST! Trust me, this will be one
of the BEST spent hours for your business… and as you
may recall on the advertisement for this webinar series…
This is a special sneak peak of how to market with Pinterest ….
After these live videos have run their course… this series
will come at a monetary price! More on that later…
·         Whether you are brand new to pinterest or are already
pinning and generating traffic to your business ,
video three, titled, “Content PinStrategy,”
will inform you on how to pin effective content
that will captivate viewers and generate leads
for your business, instantly!
·         You will be rewarded for your efforts when we
arrive at video four… Here you will discover
Leveraging PinPower to Go-Viral!” 
To sum-up what this means—you may have
used or heard others use the word “VIRAL…?”
 Well… friends… what excites me and so many
others is how much even just one effective Pin,
if pinned at the right time, with the right content,
can go from one impression to thousands in just
minutes…  that’s all I will say… I’ve probably said too much!
·         Lastly, our final video in the series will unravel a
systematic approach to tracking your PinAnalytics.
Here, I will be discussing how important it will be to
monitor your progress and scale your upcoming
Pinterest traffic.  A tremendous mentor for me,
Thomas Monson, has been quoted to say, “
“When we deal in generalities, we shall never succeed.
When we deal in specifics, we shall rarely have a failure.
When performance is measured, performance improves.
When performance is measured and reported, the rate
of performance accelerates.” Whether you are using
Pinterest to generate traffic to a blog, are a small
business entrepreneur, or a corporate company,
this principle has application. Our last video provides
many hidden gems you don’t want to miss!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way… 
here is what you can expect in this video:
3 Things…. First… It’s important you understand
the Background behind this presentation….
Then, whether you are hearing about Pinterest
for the first-time or not… we are going to walk through
the simple functionality of Pinterest… and …
the bread-and-butter of the presentation…
How to Earn Pinterest Dividends—Turning Pinterest Traffic into Profit!
Moving forward, know that today’s
#1 Objective is to Instill a vision of How Pinterest
Can generate Leads for your business. … If you don’t
walk away with a vision of how Pinterest can increase
online traffic for your business either I have failed to
deliver this presentation or you have failed to receive it!
Background--My Story
You may wonder how I have become the Pinguru
it was something I never aspired to… Here is my story…
As mentioned, my name is Lance King. What wasn’t said
is that at 21 years old I became an all-natural professional
bodybuilder after winning the over-all in a significant Utah competition.
I am now 28 years old and still enjoy entering competitions,
however, what I enjoy almost more than the thrill of
being on stage competition for the title of the show is
being able to share my knowledge and experience of
bodybuilding and nutrition with others.

Therefore, in October 2011 I created a youtube channel called
Proteincow, where I share my expertise with other aspiring, or
currently competing, bodybuilders. A few months into the
development of my fitness channel, I learned the value of
monetizing my videos. Now, like many who enter into a
youtube partnership, I quickly became motivated to gain
subscribers and increase the amount of monthly views
for my channel—discovering my youtube channel as a
vehicle to provide added-value to the bodybuilder
community  and to improve the size of my wallet.

My quest to increase followers and views was extremely slow-going…
I celebrated every individual subscriber and every 100th view per video…
then I smartened-up and began setting measureable goals
for each week and each month. I decided to set a goal
to increase views by 20% each week until that was not
reasonable anymore… I would then grow 20% of my
 total viewership each month until this became an unreasonable pursuit…
then quarterly… and eventually yearly… 
Now, you may say well….
Lance that is a great plan… what has your strategy been to
acheive your goals? Well…. I would say my most effective
tactics until February 2012 was to build my brand within
Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter… then came the greatest
online marketing resource…and most undiscovered….  
Before I introduce how my relationship with Pinterest came about
… I must say… I was extremely, extremely, extremely reluctant… why?

We’ll… primarily because ALL I had heard about Pinterest was
that it was a social media platform for women to
 gaggle about crafts and cooking… and most importantly
because I didn’t understand the functionality of Pinterest
and how much of a POWERHOUSE it could be driving traffic to a website.

My relationship with Pinterest began at an internet marketing
internship January 2012. This internship consisted of growing a
Google adword campaign, building the firms brand via twitter,
and most significantly designing a Facebook Fanpage for the company.
I sat next to an internet marketing intern who was primarily
in charge of researching and developing a campaign
around Pinterest—something … they must have thought
was feasible because they weren’t paying the interns…
the truth is … this company knew almost nothing about
this marketing platform… except that Pinterest had a
category within Pinterest that they were willing to test. 
The story continues that little-bit by little-bit this intern
began marketing with pinterest and tracking the company’s
website analytics… over the course of a few weeks…
and to the astonishment of the company …
there was a surge of traffic to their webpages due to
Pinterest marketing. The excitement got me REALLY EXCITED! …
My current marketing tactics were effective,
but I couldn’t help but think of the possibilities of how
Pinterest could increase my youtube video traffic…
You may have had similar thoughts during this presentation….
So…I began asking as many questions to the intern
about Pinterest as I could muster!

As you can imagine, I then began marketing my youtube channel….
In a minute or too I will show you my results…
as I began seeing my traffic increase well over 20% increase a week,
I began setting my heights higher…
My excitement skyrocketed about how easy it was to
market with Pinterest... So… I began scaling my health
and fitness brand by starting a cost-effective blog through blogspot…
where I would market my youtube videos and blog
about how to lose bodyfat and stimulate six pack results…
then as I experienced the Amazing results of Pinterest
marketing I started a blog about cooking… 
Since the creation of my blogs I have conducted
extensive research about Pinterest in order to understand
not only its power to drive traffic now, but in the future. 
For your information, some of my research has been
published in the July 2012 issue of DotComSecrets magazine.

Now that you know about how a crush became an
extensive relationship with Pinterest…. It’s time to further yours… 
Let’s discuss the functionality of Pinterest….
Get your pen and paper ready… this next part tends to come
out of the screen like a firehose!!! Ready…let’s do it!

Okay… being that you have demonstrated your commitment
up to this point… Here is your official welcome to Pinterest---
Of course… You will have more time to get to know each
other in just a bit… I want to help you understand a
few important points that will help you score big with Pinterest!
First… it’s important to know that according to
Shareaholic.com (huge info--site in the online marketing world)
as of February 2012, Pinterest has generated more
income than Youtube, Reddit, Google Plus, and LinkedIn
combined---Super Impressive, huh? Especially being that
this is such a new online media platform. … More traffic details to come…

Quick question: Remember the highschool bulletinboards?
If yours was like mine at Cottonwood High, it had pictures,
flyers, event information and much more…  
If you are new to Pinterest… know that much like your old
highschool pinboards…. Pinterest has Pinboards… but… much… much more organized.

In fact, you will find boards related to anything a person can
envision they would like in their lives… Examples of Pinboards
people might create… in our next webinar called
“Offerboard Profile Page” I will talk about the most searched
categories on Pinterest and walk you through ways to
build your Pinboards.” I have given you a preview of
two of the most searched on this slide…
Now, you may wonder what types of Pin content can
be pinned onto a Pinboard? And how do I go about doing this?

It’s simple. First… you will install a “Pin It” button on your toolbar
(We will walk through this in our next webinar)… from
here you will be able to pin the images from Youtube…
images of banner ads… images within webpage posts…
and much more! Just click the pin button … click on the
image you want to pin… and then select the Pinboard
you want to display the pin… sounds easy huh?!!
It really is! You now how enough information to begin
your one-on-one relationship with Pinterest. Exciting isn’t it?!!!

The name of the game is building captivating Pinboards
that others will want to like, comment, re-pin, and click
to view the website….
Up to this point, you have heard my story, learned about
the simplicity of how Pinterest functions…
you may have asked yourself, “What’s the story with Pinterest?”

Well…  let’s take a look… video (comment below if you want link)
I hope that two minute video was enough of a snapshot
to futher instill a vision of how pinterest can be a value for your business…
 Let’s now explore How to earn Pinterest Dividends—
turning Pinterest Traffic into Cashflow!
If you will recall from my story… I started using Pinterest
for my youtube channel back in February 2012…
We’ll here is a screenshot of my Youtube Traffic on the left…
and on the right… my 1st blog traffic…now…I know what
your thinking….Lance…. these are impressive views!!
Seriously though… consider the incredible spike in views
of my youtube videos on the left… and my blog on the right.
In fact…. I was so… excited about my views…
 I created a challenge with the intern mentioned previously
who was marketing with Pinterest for the company we were
interning… to award a prize through Amazon.com for the
person who reached the highest amount of views to their blog.
Jonny would market to his cooking blog, goodntasty.blogspot.com…
I would market to my fitness blog… (by-the-way… cooking is ranked
higher for searches in Pinterest than fitness). We would isolate the
month after our internship, being April 2012… The results at the end
of our challenge were surprising!!! … Jonny reached about 6000
new pageviews… my blog (proteincow.blogspot.com) barely
surpassed his at 6500 new pageviews thanks to Pinterest!
It was a really fun challenge—I look back at that challenge and
wonder what results would be if Jonny and I put another
monthly incentive on the line…

Now, Take a minute to consider how even 6500 pageviews
a month could benefit your business… It increased my youtube
views by about 125% alone.. growing from less than 12,000
views a month to over 24,000 views a month. I was AMAZED
on how many views I was receiving! So amazed I decided to
advertise my Pinterest marketing abilities to a legend in the
internet marketing world… Russell Brunson with DotComSecrets.com….
I was so… excited to see how much traffic could be
generated with firm like Russell’s… so…I offered to create
and market the company’s various business Offers through
Pinterest as an intern…
You are now looking at a screenshot taken June 26th 2012
three weeks into the Pinterest marketing campaign…
and August 3rd 2012… as you can seen … in just 5 weeks…
this is a 600% increase… I checked Russell’s Pinterest yesterday
and his followers have increased to about 900 followers! INCREDIBLE!!!
Especially because I was able to generate the 6500 views with
only about 100 followers… the details behind how traffic is
 received will be revealed throughout this video series…
especially because each Friday… I will teach an hour webinar…
and you will have a week to test  and try the principles for yourself!!!
Prepare to be Amazed!!!

So… this… is Pinterest Marketing…. At least the tip of the Iceberg!!
Stay tuned for much, much, more… before I conclude this presentation…
I want to give you 3 more Facts that may stimulate your
vision of how Pinterest can work for you, literally!

These facts come from a recent article by
Did you know that 44% of Small Businesses Do not Have a Website??
And Yet… 85% of Consumers use the internet to find
small businesses… hmm… lastly … Only 1 out of 20 small
businesses BLOG! Fascinating!!! Now… imagine for a minute…  
the Power within Pinterest as it’s been explained… Pinterest …
can become a website for your company … a blog… Pinterest is
 being searched through google with more than 11 million
global searched each month!!!!
Pinterest is the future of how companies will be found…blogs
and websites are being created based on the Pinterest Platform,
using images and video clips to entice users to click on them
and explore more….. moments ago you saw many companies
who have caught the vision… now I ask… Have You?

We will see your commitment to your vision as we gather
next Friday for our next webinar presentation…
During this presentation… I outlined what to expect in this video…
first… informing you about my humble beginnings with Pinterest…
next… presenting the simple functionality of Pinterest.. and finally…
introducing you to the potential with Pinterest…
of How to Earn Pinterest Dividends…
And I promise you… after you apply the principles you are
about to learn in the upcoming presentation…
you too will experience… much like you may have
with interest dividends… how Pinterest traffic compounds
and generates ongoing traffic dividends… you’ll love it!

Here is the line-up of the remaining videos…
I hope you will invite your friends…  In fact…so they can catch
up and be prepared for the upcoming videos… the link to this
 video will be on my Pinterest blog, titled, “guruexpert.blogspot.com”
where you will also find the text to this video for those who
have English as an additional language and felt like
I spoke too quickly in this presentation …
Our Next Video is Offerboard Profile Page… reminder,--we will
be talking about how to create your pinterest profile to reflect
your business offers—This video will be absolutely critical
in perpetuating your pinterest traffic forward because you
will be able to peak over my shoulder as I walk you through
the process of how to create your Pinterest Brand~! 

This will be the case with many of the subsequent videos,
so you will want to mark your calendars for the next four
Fridays from 4-5pm EST! Trust me, this will be one of the
BEST spent hours for your business… and as you may recall
on the advertisement for this webinar series… This is a special
sneak peak of how to market with Pinterest …. After these
live videos have run their course… this series will come at a monetary price!

That’s it for our presentation… I’m Lance King. Looking forward
to connecting with you next Friday at 4pm Mountain Standard Time.

Thanks. I hope this has been a value for you…many questions
should have been answered… if not.. they will be in our
next presentation. From now until then begin exploring
Pinterest by setting up your profile page… If you need an
invitation to become a user e-mail pinguru83@gmail.com.
I especially hope you now have a greater vision of how
pinterest can generate leads for your business!!! Happy Pinning!

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